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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rhodesian Ridgeback and Panic Attacks!!

Do dogs have panic attacks???

For a big strong looking dog, my Ridgeback is the biggest wuss on the planet. I'm sure he suffers from panic attacks from time to time.

Although he's cured of the blanket panic attack now. When he was a younger puppy (he's still a puppy really, he's 16 months old now), he was terrified if you tried to put a blanket or anything over him, he literally looked like he was having a panic attack. Now we're coming to the end of winter though he has finally discovered the advantage of the blanket, and will actually jump onto our bed in the early hours of the morning and try to get under the quilt.

Popping chewing gum - no big deal really - unless your a Ridgeback. The sound of popping chewing gum is another source of panic attack for young Kaiba, absolutely hates it, he runs for his life and hides behind me or under my legs in panic. Like I'm sure that little piece of chewing gum is going to jump out and get him.

Last week our smoke alarm went off when I burnt some toast, it was the first time he'd heard it. Panic attack again, he didn't know what to do, he was running around the house like he was lost and panicking.

Such a big brave dog he is. Although he is extremely intelligent, loving, beautiful, fun dog, boy is he the biggest wuss on the planet.

I may have to do some research and see if this is a general thing with Ridgebacks or if I just got a wussy one!

Ridgebacks Rule!!!


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