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This is my blog for bragging about my beautiful puppy, he's so lovely I just had to put all my thoughts and all his special moments into words.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Kaiba - My Rhodesian Ridgeback - Still Asleep

Kaiba is still recovering from our week away, I think we wore him out. Day 2 home and he is spending most of his time still asleep. He wandered outside for a little while to sleep in the sun but most of the day is spent on the sofa - that is while we sit on the floor.

We had quite a few comments about him while we were away, about how obedient he was. Even when we stayed in caravan parks he always stayed near our site and new he wasn't allowed past the boundaries of our site. He did get a little excited on our first night when he saw a rabbit run past and went for a chase, missed it though when it dashed under a big rock.

I think his favourite past-time on any given day is sleeping, so I guess now that he's had a week of running around in the wild, he'll probably need a week of sleep to catch up.

Ridgebacks Rule!!!


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