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This is my blog for bragging about my beautiful puppy, he's so lovely I just had to put all my thoughts and all his special moments into words.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Congratulations Macey

I'm not going to talk about Kaiba today I just wanted to say a big congratulations to my sisters dog Macey who is pregnant. This is her second litter, lets hope all goes well.

Congrats Macey



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Blogger lisa h. said...

hi, so i am searching for info on ridgebacks and found your site. i'm really wanting one, though i've read some things about the breed not liking to play rough or not being good with young children? i saw you posted earlier about yours being non vicious. we met a beautiful female today, who seemed to have a wonderful tempermeant...do you think there are any concerns you would consider with young children or infants???


2:42 PM  

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