Kaiba My Rhodesian Ridgeback

This is my blog for bragging about my beautiful puppy, he's so lovely I just had to put all my thoughts and all his special moments into words.

Location: Australia

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Congratulations Macey

I'm not going to talk about Kaiba today I just wanted to say a big congratulations to my sisters dog Macey who is pregnant. This is her second litter, lets hope all goes well.

Congrats Macey


Friday, October 06, 2006

Kaiba - My Rhodesian Ridgeback - Still Asleep

Kaiba is still recovering from our week away, I think we wore him out. Day 2 home and he is spending most of his time still asleep. He wandered outside for a little while to sleep in the sun but most of the day is spent on the sofa - that is while we sit on the floor.

We had quite a few comments about him while we were away, about how obedient he was. Even when we stayed in caravan parks he always stayed near our site and new he wasn't allowed past the boundaries of our site. He did get a little excited on our first night when he saw a rabbit run past and went for a chase, missed it though when it dashed under a big rock.

I think his favourite past-time on any given day is sleeping, so I guess now that he's had a week of running around in the wild, he'll probably need a week of sleep to catch up.

Ridgebacks Rule!!!

Back from Camping in the Flinders Ranges

We have just spent a week camping in the Flinders Ranges and had a great time, as did Kaiba. He was a bit quite for the first couple of days which I think was due to the heat, it was fairly hot up there, he doesn't like the heat very much - or the cold for that matter. We had a cool change one night which came along with an extremely strong wind storm, so windy that I was very close to packing up and coming home but my husband and kids wouldn't let me, I was crying I was so scared, I have never seen such strong winds.

The next day was calm though and turned out to be a beautiful day. Kaiba really started enjoying himself now that it wasn't so hot, and we were staying in the bush - roughing it and not in a caravan park so he had lots of room to run around - and that he did. He paddled in the creek, rolled in the dirt, ran and ran and ran, he just loved it out there.

I must say though, young Kaiba knows when he's had enough, in the caravan we have a table that folds down to a bed, which Kaiba shares with one of the kids (they usually take turns sleeping there). At about 8pm he went into the caravan and just stood there staring at the table. So I put the table down and made the bed up, he jumped straight up there and fell straight to sleep and that was him for the night. First one in bed, he was just exhausted.

He was very well behaved while we were away though, even nights when we stayed in caravan parks he always stayed near our caravan and never wandered off, we rarely had to tie him up he just stays near us, we have never had a dog as obedient and well behaved, he is great.

We got home this afternoon and the kids found a baby magpie which can't yet fly and was near the main road, so Dad got it and brought it up to the house, Kaiba unfortunately I think wants to eat it so we have to keep it right away from him, I wish his good behaviour would kick in with the bird. We don't want to let it go incase it gets run over, we saw one get run over just near our house a week or so ago. Any ideas on getting dogs to like birds and not want to eat them???